Warehouse Safety

Key Products

  • Upright protectors
  • Bollards
  • Rack End Protection
  • Guard Rail
  • Guide Rail

Warehouse Safety

Warehouse Safety accessories designed to safeguard pallet racking and equipment from accidental damage. For this reason Safety Barriers and Rails are available in a range of styles to suit your requirements. Of course, all finishes are in recognised safety colours.

Front Post protectors

Protect the front of your uprights with front post protector. Either they will absorb the impact or alternatively deflect the impact to either side of the upright.

  • Plastic protectors that wrap around the upright
  • Steel protectors which clip on to the upright
  • Floor mounted steel protectors

Front post protectors are optional. But we supply them for many forms of pallet racking, but most often Standard Selective, and Drive in racking, and gravity fed systems.

Frame end guards

Prevent forklift damage to the end of your pallet racking. If you incorporate frame end guards you will reduce damage to your warehouse.

  • Sheet metal fabrication that suits both single-sided and double-sided racking.
  • Tubular construction end barriers

Most often used with Standard Selective pallet racking, we supply to option for single deep and double deep.

Corner Post protectors

An alternative to frame end guards is using a corner protector. Doing so, avoids the exposed upright racking obtaining damage. This is a floor mounted protector that wraps around the exposed upright. Corner post protectors are normally supplied with standard pallet racking, to prevent damaged to highly exposed posts.

Guide Rail

Guide rail runs parallel to the forklift wheels, guiding the wheels straight down the aisle.  Therefore prevents damage to the racking system.

This system is incorporated into;

  • Drive in racking
  • (VNA) Very Narrow Aisle Racking
  • Cantilever Racking


Alternatively you can stop damage to any warehouse item or area, by including bollards as a smart solution. Resulting in greater protection of  your machinery, doors, pedestrian access, racking. Bollards absorb impact and alert forklift drivers of restricted spaces.