The use for Shelving is for storage of things that need retrieval by hand. We make our Storage shelves of solid material that can support small items.
A good example are shelves that you usually see at the supermarket. They are easily accessible for employees and customers. Unlike racking, shelves do not need the help of machinery during the stocking process.

Shop shelving is crucial to any retail outlet, no matter what product you sell or service you provide. Whether it is supermarket shelving or retail displays. The right shelf system installed can help maximise floor space as well as present your stock in the best possible way.

As with any retail display, your store display is critical to your sales efforts. Poor or cheap display shelving will confuse customers or devalue the products you are selling. For this reason, great shelves are paramount.

Needless to say, here at BOS Storage solutions we have a variety of retail display and shelf solutions to meet supermarket or small store needs.