Carton Live Storage

Key benefits

  • Stores Small to Medium cartons
  • Picking multiple levels at ground level
  • Once box is empty another will fill its position from behind
  • Increased work flow and picking rates
  • Can be set up to remove pedestrian access from forklift areas
  • No running costs, gravity fed
  • FIFO System
  • No lost storage space above

Carton Live Storage

Looking to improve efficiency in your warehouse pick and pack areas? Carton Live Storage is a great system that will improve pick times, reduce staff fatigue and ensure stock rotation. Simply placing your cartons or SKU’s on a gravity fed roller track system allows the cartons to roll forward. Since the front carton is empty and it is replaced by cartons behind it. Its that simple. Call BOS Storage to talk more about how you can increase efficiency in your warehouse.

Gravity fed Pick and Pack

CLS tracks are suitable for use as supply racks for finishing processes as well as storage and picking racks.

Additionally useful in a variety of situations to enable compact and clearly organised storage of goods. Reduced travel distances increase system efficiency. While reduced working times and picking performance increases, ultimately the investment costs often pay off within a year.

A highly sophisticated, ergonomic design results in reduced physical stress placed on employees.

CLS Reduces Pedestrian Travel

If you have a warehouse with picking and packing in the bulk goods area, you may want to consider Carton Live Storage. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to speed up the pick and pack process. Including CLS into your pallet racking system streamlines the process and reducing the overall movement of both stock and staff. Obviously the less movement of staff the more you gain in productivity in your warehouse. Therefore understanding the workflow process of a business and identifying streamlining options.

Alternative names for Carton Live Storage are;

– Carton Picking – Gravity Fed Carton Store -Roller Tracks & Box Storage

Design Features

  • Economical plastic roller tracks up to 3m deep
  • Angle of the ‘beds’ are adjustable
  • Built into pallet racking, so you can store bulk above
  • FIFO, load from the back and pick from the front, separates bulk from picking areas
  • Customisable to suits your product, as well as angle
  • Works with a number of brands
  • Can be retrofitted.


  • Roller Tracks
  • Levelling plates
  • Floor Fixings
  • Bracing and hardware
  • Safe Work Load Signs (to comply with Australian Standards)

Optional Extras

  • Lane divisions
  • Guides
  • Front carton catch
  • Under Track supports.