Long Span Shelving

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use and adjusted shelving system
  • Impressive shelf capacity per level (Varies with beam width and depth)
  • Large range of sizes to choose from, which suits all applications
  • Cost effective solution
  • Adjustable and practical solutions for numerous industries/uses
  • Total bay load rated to 3000kg
  • Stylish and neat look.

Ideal for

  • Heavy office archive boxes
  • Pick and pack
  • Retail – heavy boxes/bags/tins
  • Commercial-tooling/parts/supplies
  • Home garage (heavy duty)

Long Span Shelving

Looking for a quality and practical shelving system to store your heavy goods? Bos storage has a great long span shelving system that is cost effective, stylish and holds hundreds of kilograms per level. The easy clip together system means you can install it yourself and the huge range of sizes means you can choose sizes to suits your needs.

The right shelving for you

Looking for industrial strength shelving, for storing small but heavy parts? BOS Storage Systems offers a truly impressive long span shelving range that is smart but also very strong. This smart looking dark grey shelving system allows for storing all kinds of non palletised items. Great for picking and packing, storing parts bins and small components. With the option to use board as the shelving substrate or mesh, they versatile system will have a solution for you.

About Long Span Shelving

BOS long span clicks together with a ‘No Tool’ adjustment system. Where you can install the shelving or adjust it without the requirement for any tools. This allows almost anyone the capability or option to adjust the heights of the shelves. This is very useful when you need to change levels to accommodate changes in product or your product varies from shelf to shelf.

The universal column allows you to clip the beams onto both sides of the frame, which means that the racks can be carried on in a continuous run. This saves space and means that you need less uprights to achieve the same results as individual bays.

The beams are recessed to allows a nice flat surface across front to back across the shelving unit. This also saves vertical space since the timber or mesh shelf is within the profile of the beams. Which is really useful when you have numerous levels and are looking to maximise storage.






900mm, 1220mm



1525mm, 1830mm



2135mm, 2440mm



2745mm, 3045mm


Custom heights available

Custom depths available

Load Capacity

900mm - 800kg 

1220mm - 750kg 

1525mm - 450kg 

1830mm - 400kg 

2135mm - 350kg 

2440mm - 250kg 

2745mm - 200kg 

3045mm - 150kg


BOS Long Span Brochure