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Warehouse Racking Solutions

BOS Storage Systems always favour a solutions-oriented approach to material handling. This of course includes warehouse racking & storage solutions. So our unique services, products, technologies and support, continue to evolve.

As seen across this website, our Racking Solutions offer many advantages, across a wide variety of applications.

What do we do

Today we provide complete solution to your warehouse needs. Including material handling equipment & services.

BOS Storage Systems can ensure optimised synergies in your material handling flow. Where all parts, where forklifts and racking integrate to provide services. As well as follow-ups, interact to maximise efficiency and help you to cut costs.

Additionally we perform Warehouse Safety Audits, independent to our sales and installation services. Indeed, our highly skilled team come to you and can advise all aspects of warehouse safety.

Melbourne Warehouse Racking Office

Our services

Thanks to our extensive know-how about all parts of the supply chain, we are also able to support you in many ways. For example project management, installation and continuous improvements of the solutions over time. In fact we make sure you get the most out of your material handling processes.

From begin to end, our team keep the process simple and free of complications, saving you money and time. Whether your requirements are for a small store room, retail display or Mega Warehouse, we are here to help.

Please contact your BOS Storage Systems representative to discuss options and advantages for your business. You’ll find our staff friendly and always keen to assist in any way we can.

All Racking Solutions comply with the AS 4084 – 2012 & current FEM approval

Post Sale Back-up


Here at BOS Storage Systems we pride ourselves on supplying a great product, but also maintaining a great business relationship with our clients. As part of this service we offer ‘Rack Safety Audits’, which is an annual inspection of your pallet racking in order to check for any defects or damage that may put you or your staff at risk. We can carry out audits on all types of racking that you have in your warehouse and provide quotes to repair or bring your up to the latest standards.

Post install modifications, and engineering

If you are looking to modify your existing pallet racking, we are more than happy to assist you in doing so. Whether its adjusting beam levels, adding extra levels, getting more capacity from your racking system, or simply have any questions. We at BOS storage are happy to help.

Warehouse Racking After Sales

Relocation of Pallet racking

If you have grown out of your old premise, looking to expand operations, need more room or want to move operations, BOS Storage Systems will happily guide you through the relocation of your racking. We can take care of all your relocation needs such as:

  • Warehouse design
  • Take down existing racking and strapping for transport
  • Relocate racking from old site to new site
  • Supply any new materials required
  • Install racking
  • Sign off on the install
Racking Stock Melbourne

Stock Availability

At BOS Storage we carry a huge range of Pallet Racking components to suits all needs. These goods are stored in one of our three locations nationwide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. From these locations we service all of Australia.


Warehouse systems are a major investment; an investment that must keep on delivering year after year. Our Lifetime warranty ensures the investment you make today is safe and secure and one that will keep working for years to come. BOS Storage Systems is the only pallet racking manufacturer in Australia to provide a lifetime warranty against materials, workmanship, and structural failures as standard.

All components of BOS Storage Systems are covered by the warranty and will be replaced free of charge should a failure occur. This warranty does not cover damage caused by wilful damage or negligence use of equipment.

This is subject to a yearly Audit conducted by BOS Storage Systems, as per a signed Service agreement charged accordingly.