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Who are we

Warehouse Racking Solutions

BOS Storage Systems always favour a solutions-oriented approach to material handling. This of course includes warehouse racking & storage solutions. So our unique services, products, technologies and support, continue to evolve.

As seen across this website, our Racking Solutions offer many advantages, across a wide variety of applications.

What do we do

Today we provide complete solution to your warehouse needs. Including material handling equipment & services.

BOS Storage Systems can ensure optimised synergies in your material handling flow. Where all parts, where forklifts and racking integrate to provide services. As well as follow-ups, interact to maximise efficiency and help you to cut costs.

Additionally we perform Warehouse Safety Audits, independent to our sales and installation services. Indeed, our highly skilled team come to you and can advise all aspects of warehouse safety.

Our services

Thanks to our extensive know-how about all parts of the supply chain, we are also able to support you in many ways. For example project management, installation and continuous improvements of the solutions over time. In fact we make sure you get the most out of your material handling processes.

From begin to end, our team keep the process simple and free of complications, saving you money and time. Whether your requirements are for a small store room, retail display or Mega Warehouse, we are here to help.

Please contact your BOS Storage Systems representative to discuss options and advantages for your business. You’ll find our staff friendly and always keen to assist in any way we can.

All Racking Solutions comply with the AS 4084 – 2012 & current FEM approval