RUT Shelving

Key benefits

  • A fully adjustable, bolted system ideal for use in light industrial and commercial environments
  • The side uprights have a “Rolled” front edges for added strength and to protect operatives when using the systems
  • 2150mm high, 1200mm or 900mm wide, 425mm deep
  • 3-11 shelves per bay, all adjustable on a 25mm pitch.
  • Powder coated white
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RUT Shelving (Roll Post Shelving)

An economical and space efficient way for storing a wide range of smaller picking items. RUT shelving is a widely used shelving system for many applications. Mainly in the commercial, back of house or warehouse situation. Most notably you would use RUT shelving for storing small items for manual picking. Utilising a 25mm pitch on the shelves you can get a huge amount of storage in a very small space.

RUT Construction

Using the principle of universal panels, Roll Post Shelving is a versatile construction. Consisting of back panels, and side panels joined together at the top and bottom. Using nuts and bolts the panels screw together in order to construct a box which houses the shelves. Furthermore, the back panel can be universal with attaching another back behind it to create a back to back system. Alternatively you can add another bay to the side, creating a run of shelving. Ideally you can do both, which will results in a continuous run of back to back shelving.

In addition to the shelving structure, you can have as many or as few shelving in each bay as you desire. You may want to only have 3 shelves in 1 bay and 11 in the next. The shelves are independent and can easily be added, removed without the need of a professional installer.

Furthermore, the system is powder coated white which gives a nice clean look suitable for commercial, office or warehouse application.

Low Cost Shelving

Another key point, is that this system is very cost effective. The amount of shelf space you can achieve in a minimal area is very impressive. Especially when you have a bigger amount of levels per bay. This is why a lot of company’s will choose RUT shelving, for their small picking items, because the cost is low and the storage capacity is very high. Furthermore it can be added on an on going basis which means you are not required to invest heavily for the initial set up. Again, fact Roll Post Shelving is the ideal storage solution for any expanding business.

Rolled Post Simplicity

RUT shelving is simple and easy to adjust, expand or reconfigure the system, without needing professional installers. In the event you need to move the shelving, it can be easily picked up and relocated.