Pallet Live Storage

Key benefits

  • Fewer aisles are required
  • Increase in storage capacity
  • Reduction in travel time between locations
  • Large volumes of common products in each lane
  • Cold store applications

Pallet Live Storage

Our Pallet Live Storage system provides efficient and ultra-dense storage of palletised goods with fewer aisles. Pallet live racking also avoids the need for internal transport once the rack positions are fully loaded.

Design of the system allows for both FIFO (first-in/first-out). It is there that the goods placed onto the on-load face, get carried down by the force of gravity. The removal of pallets is at the off-load face (first-in/first-out principle) or LIFO (last-in/first-out). So loading of the pallets occurs as well as unloading from the same side.

The lift truck pushes the pallets into their storage location and return by the force of gravity when it removes the foremost pallets.