Make Good Racking

Pallet Racking Make Good is a service where we take down your pallet racks and clear warehouse for the next tenant. It is up to you what to do with the pallet racking once its down. Then BOS Storage systems offer a range of options, including re-install, leave on site, Buy back as 2nd hand. So before you begin moving warehouse, call BOS Storage and see how we can help

What is a Pallet Rack Make Good?

A ‘make good’ when leaving a leased warehouse is to restore the warehouse to the condition. In other words, to restore the site to how it was in before taking control of the site. This will vary between landlords. Consequently, they usually write these conditions into the leasing contract. Majority of the time, it requires you to remove all product, machinery, and racking. Here at BOS Storage, we can take care of the Pallet Racking aspect for you.

What does a 'Make Good' entail?

Taking down the pallet racking on site;

  • We can strap the racking and leave it on site for you
  • If you want to keep the pallet racking we can quote for relocation and install in another site
  • We can buy back the racking as 2nd hand and take it away for you

Fix anchoring holes:

  • Either knock down the dyna bolts into the concrete
  • Plug the wholes with a resin or putty
  • Core drill the holes and fix them with resin.
Pallet Racking Medium Uprights
Pallet Racking Medium Uprights

Does BOS Storage perform Racking Take Downs?

Well the answer is Yes!

BOS Storage will happy quote you to take down your racking and repair floor holes (if required). So if you are relocating or closing down a warehouse, Call BOS Storage. You will talk to one of the very helpful technical experts or sales team, who can organise a quote for you.

Do BOS Storage buy back Pallet Racks?

Dependent on the amount, condition, brand and usability of the racks, BOS Storage systems will be able to provide you with a quote for the goods.

See our Secondhand Racking page here