Heavy Duty Shelving

Key benefits

  • Huge range of sizes, depths & heights
  • Allows access from ground level (or 1st level mezzanine) to picking shelves
  • Stores a large amount of weight
  • Adjustable according to pitch on frames
  • Designed to suit a certain space
  • Can be retrofitted to exiting rack
  • Designed for bulkier items.
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Heavy Duty Shelving

Do you need extra shelving in your warehouse for storing small to medium size product? You may be looking for Heavy Duty shelving that is incorporated into your pallet racking. By using pallet racking components and different types of shelving substrates, you can increase your storage capacity in your warehouse whilst keeping pallet storage above. Doing so creates a great feature for company’s who require the flexibility of picking areas on ground level, whilst keeping palletised stock above. Ask BOS Storage Systems how to improve your warehouse capacity.

This robust shelving system allows for manual picking of goods, in a wide variety of designs. Furthermore we can design for different specifications. We help you to create your perfect combination of beams, shelves and supports.

Sizes & Weights of Shelving

Heavy duty shelving is made from pallet racking components, which means you have the option of picking from many different width, depths and heights. Not to mention the number of shelf levels is also dependant on the application.

Shelf Options

Another Key point is that shelves are available in steel mesh, metal, galvanised steel, chipboard and melamine board. With this in mind, the beam length load capacity per level varies between 400 and 1000 kg, depending on your configuration.

Incorporate into you Pallet Racking

Incorporate heavy duty shelving into your pallet racking system and enjoy the benefits of extra picking locations for both forklift access and personnel access. If you want a mixture of pallet racking and shelving in one location we accommodate a rack design that allows for both. This will increase your storage potential.

Another great use for the system is to build workbenches! Why not put castors on and make them portable?


Often referred to as;

HD Shelving, Heavy Duty Shelving, Warehouse Shelving, Mesh Deck Shelving, Bulk items shelving, Heavy Parts Racking, Industrial Pigeon Holes

Applicable Industries

-General – Parts picking – Automotive – Fittings and fixtures – Pick and pack – Hardware stores

Design Features

  • Made from pallet racking
  • Timber shelving or mesh shelving
  • Rated from 400kg to 1000kg per shelf

Optional Extras

  • Dividers
  • Board supports