Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

Key benefits

  • Store more pallets in the same size warehouse
  • Easy access to all pallets – 100% selectivity
  • Higher storage per meter square
  • Conventional racking used
  • Stock rotation – friendly
  • Maximize the use of available space in terms of both area and height


Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

Using the exact same principle of regular pallet racking, but reducing the aisles down to suit side loading forklifts, you can greatly increase the storage capacity of your warehouse. Keeping all your product available to access/select but not having large aisles where forklifts need to swing around. If this sounds like what you need, then Very Narrow Aisle Racking is for you.

Narrow Aisle Racks 100% pick access

Most effective way to fit out a warehouse with 100% pick access. If you are looking to have the benefits of normal pallet racking but need more capacity per square meter, then VNA racking or Very Narrow Aisle Racking might be a great solution. Reducing the aisle size between racks greatly increases the total storage capacity you can have in warehouse and all you need is the correct type of forklift. With this you can reduce your aisles from 5m down to 1.5m saving you huge amounts of space and increasing capacity. Talk to BOS about what options are out there for you. Pallets are 100% selective and can accessed with VNA trucks. To that end guidance of the VNA Trucks is by rails or wire induction system built into the floor.

Increased Pallet Storage

Increase storage in your warehouse by reusing your existing racking. Can it be done? Of course it can! If you switch to having your warehouse set out in a Narrow Aisle racking format, then you can reuse your existing racking, plus add much more into the same warehouse footprint. Imagine doubling your capacity for the same amount of rent. Seems too good to be true, but you can do it with Narrow aisle racking. If you are looking to discuss VNA or any other types of racking call BOS Storage today for a chat.

Applicable Industries Include;

– Packaging – Furniture – Whitegoods – Raw Materials – 3PL – Cold Storage – Foods – Bulk Parts

Design Features

  • Aisles reduced in size
  • Uses normal pallet racking
  • Both pallet storage and shelving applications
  • Designed around forklift/Stock picker


  • Levelling plates
  • Floor Fixings
  • Bracing and hardware
  • Safe Work Load Signs (to comply with Australian Standards).

Optional Extras

  • Wire Guidance
  • Floor guide rail
  • Rack protection
  • Mesh decks
  • Timber shelving