Cantilever Racking

Key benefits

  • Optimal long goods handling
  • High flexibility in terms of weight and size
  • Both single-sided and double-sided installations are possible
  • Cost efficient
  • Galvanised and painted options available
  • Arms are easily adjustable in height
  • Availability of any number of arms per side, depending on your application.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a perfect storage solution to store long products 3m-8m in length. The open front face structure allows for very long product to be supported over many arms. Then the support structure (Column) is located behind the arms. Furthermore a versatile system such as cantilever caters to any width, varying heights, and numerous options with the amount of arm levels.

Storage of Long Product

If you are looking to store long awkward product, that takes up huge amounts of floor space then cantilever racking may be the solution for you. Storing long products horizontally frees up floor space and allows you easy access to numerous packs at the one time. This style of racking will self organise your stock into clear and accessible bundles, reducing pick time and increasing productivity.

Cantilever Rack Benefits

Cantilever racking is ideal for loads that require no obstruction at the pick face. Which is why racking system is suited to bulky, long and awkwardly sized or shaped products to ensure they can be safely stored and accessed. Cantilever Racking boasts obvious benefits when storing long goods or goods and items of varying length. For example beams, pipes, metal, plastic or wooden boards or sheets.

Compared to pallet racking, this system is based on columns with horizontal arms for the load. On the other hand pallet racking is made from frame and beams that create a width limited entry space. Another benefit is that we have cantilever available in single- and double-sided versions with several options for load distribution. So no matter what configuration you are looking for we will have the design solution for you.

Choose from light, medium and heavy-duty options depending on the load per arm, arm length and column height.


Applicable Industries

Timber Merchants – Aluminium industry – Steel extrusions – Hardware Stores – Window manufacturers – Security doors – Plumbers – PVC Pipe – Mouldings – Steel steel – Aluminium panels – Gutters – Pipe – Plasterboard

Design Features

  • Come in 3 ranges; Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy duty
  • 76mm vertical pitch, which allows arms to be adjusted to suit your needs
  • Indoor cantilever has a powder coated finish, with dark blue columns and bright red arms
  • Outdoor cantilever is hot dip galvanised finished, which prevents rust and protection from the elements.

Cantilever Arm

  • – A range of 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm long arms, tailored to suit whatever works best for your product
  •  Weight capacity is dependant on design, but range from 500kg-1000kg per arm. This means you can store 1000’s of kilograms per pack if its spread over numerous arms.

Cantilever Columns

  • To accommodate various industries and differing needs we can supply numerous heights of cantilever columns, our engineers will assist you in deciding which is best
  • Light duty 2000mm- 3000mm high
  • Medium duty (most common) 3000mm-6000mm high
  • Heavy Duty 6000mm – 9000mm high


  • Levelling plates
  • Floor Fixings
  • Bracing and hardware
  • Safe Work Load Signs (to comply with Australian Standards)

Optional Extras

  • Floor Guide Rail
  • Retaining pins
  • Angled arms
  • Roofing
  • Board Supports (plasterboard)
  • Galvanised