Pallet Racking Relocations

Moving warehouse or Relocating? Need someone to do your pallet racking relocations?

Look no further, BOS Storage.

BOS offer a full turn key service package, enabling you to focus on business, while we take care of your racking. Whether a take down, relocation, install, supply new or buy back. BOS Storage offer the whole package on what you need to help move or relocate your pallet racking.

Pallet Racking Relocations are often referred to as;
  • Warehouse Relocation
  • Racking Relocation
  • Make good service
  • Pallet Racking take down
  • Uninstall Pallet racking
  • Pallet Racking buy back
  • 2nd Hand pallet racking
  • Sell pallet racking
  • Warehouse upgrade service
  • Uninstall racking service
  • Warehouse Make good.

Uninstall Pallet Racking

Here at BOS Storage Systems we offer a service to taking down or uninstalling your pallet racking. Then you can either relocate or sell your existing pallet racking. Dependant on the size quantity and brand of racking you have we can provide you with a cost to;

– Uninstall the racking and strap it for transport.

– Provide a price to uninstall it and buy it from you as 2nd hand.

– Do a full service of uninstall, relocate and install in a new warehouse.

Call BOS Storage and discuss further what the best way forward is for you and your business.

Buy Back Pallet Racking

BOS Storage Systems has a division where we acquire existing pallet racking and recycle it for use in another application. This takes the environmental approach of reusing existing materials and preventing good quality materials going to land fill.

If you want to offload some pallet racking or sell some we can offer to take it from you.

We offer this service on a case by case basis.

Pallet Racking Relocations

Moving to a new premise? Let us burden the load of relocating your pallet racking for you.

This is often a stressful but exciting time for businesses, stepping into a new warehouse and being able to expand production, storage, revenue streams. So with our full turn key packages to relocate your business we would love to help you grow!

From taking down your existing racking, relocating it and installing in the new warehouse, just call BOS to discuss your storage needs.

We also offer a free design and quote package so you know what you are getting ahead of time. Plus if you need more racking or want to add onto your existing racking, we will be happy to provide you with matching materials, a whole new racking system or 2nd hand materials.

We will always sign off on our work and our installs are always in accordance with the Australian Standards.

Warehouse make good service

If you are leaving a warehouse behind, often the landlord will require you to do a ‘make good’, which essentially is leaving the premise the same way as you arrived to it.

This normally includes, removing of pallet racking and all other storage systems. Removal of dyna-bolts and floor fixings. Here at BOS Storage we can carry out these works for you, as part of our full turn key service.