Secondhand Racking

If you are looking to sell or buy secondhand pallet racking BOS Storage systems may have what you are looking for. There is a vast amount of secondhand racking in the market. So we will work to make sure that you get items that will suits your pallet racking. Not a mixture of different brands or weight load ratings. BOS Storage buys back pallet racking from full warehouse take downs. Thus if you are shutting down a warehouse we will happy to meet with you. We’ll discuss a price for the materials or even to discuss your options. This is because BOS Storage Solutions are a full service operator. We are able to carry out the works as well as removal of the pallet racking.

Do BOS Storage have 2nd Hand Racking for sale?


We hold stock of some 2nd hand pallet racking materials. We also have a vast network of clients and suppliers that have items for sale off market. If you would like to explore the option of 2nd pallet racking. Give BOS Storage a call and we can discuss options.

Do BOS Storage buy back Pallet Racks?

Dependent on the amount, condition, brand and usability, BOS Storage systems are able to provide a quote. Remember, BOS Storage can also assist with relocating or taking down your current racking system.

Feel free to chat with one of our team and we’ll get right to quoting you.

Pallet Racking Medium Uprights