Pedestrian Safety

Safety Barriers Include

  • Pedestrian Hand Rail
  • Bollards
  • Pedestrian Swing Gate
  • Floor Marking
  • Roll over gates
  • Mezzanine hand rail

Pedestrian Safety

Protecting pedestrians from machinery, forklifts and other vehicles is very important. Moreover Work-Cover regulations call for the separation of “plant and pedestrians.”  This means employers must create physical division between forklifts and pedestrians. Which is why BOS Storage offers a Pedestrian Safety system.

Warehouse Hand Rail

Using physical barriers such as hand rails it is the perfect solution to ensure ‘separation’. Which is why BOS Storage sells a range of hand rails to increase your warehouse safety.

Furthermore it’s an easy to install, ball and stanchion handrail . Meaning your warehouse layout will have both increased pedestrian flow and increased safety. This brightly coloured system, includes, corners, gates, all of which will optimise movement.

BOS Storage will assist you to layout your warehouse with a free design service. Which will help you see the clear picture as well as provide extra safety.

Industrial Bollards

Alternatively to prevent forklift access BOS Storage also offers bollards. In the case of separating people and machinery bollards can be extremely useful since they are a high impact solution that is also very visual. You use bollards to take impact damage, rather than impact to machinery, Doorways, Racks, and other expensive things alike.

Warehouse Line Marking

Another great solution for warehouse and pedestrian safety is to have line marking on the floor. This is a indicator for pedestrian traffic to guide them through the warehouse the safest way possible. Often it is used to direct pedestrian traffic  away from forklift traffic. Furthermore, you can have a mix of all systems which really emphasise the  point of separation and personal safety.

Obviously this all needs to be implemented with other WH&S factors such as signage, Correct PPE, Education and training. But the safer we can help you make a warehouse, the less likely it is that there will be workplace incidents.