Safety Signage

Key benefits

Warehouses operate better

  • Display Safe Working Load of the rack
  • Visually indicate the storage capacity of the racks
  • Adhere to Workplace health and safety
  • Provides information to the forklift drivers
  • Clear instruction of how to use the racking system

Safety Signage

Does your pallet racking display a Safety Signage or a Safe Work Load (SWL sign)? According to the Australian Standards AS 4084 ‘Steel storage racking’ safety signage must be displayed at the end of each run of pallet racking. Ensuring clear weight capacity of the pallet racking system that you use.

As mentioned before having safety signage allows the forklift drivers to be aware of the capacity that each racking system can handle. Furthermore the maximum amount that can be stored on the racks. It’s a clear and easy to read sign, which complies with work place health and safety. Safe Work Load signs are an integral part of the pallet racking system. Doing so ensures that your forklift drivers don’t overload the racks. Which in turn reduces the possibility of damage or collapse.

WH&S with Pallet racking

Work place health and safety has the authority to enforce you to shut down operations if you do not have a safe work environment. So, when it comes to pallet racking, WH&S will be targeting you to have your racks inspected every year and them signed off by a competent professional. The best way to do this is to have your pallet racks annually audited. This is done by a professional rack auditor and carry out any rectification works, or address any non-compliant issues.

Safe Work Load Safety Signage

If you don’t have signage on your racks, it will be considered a direct violation and you will need to get it rectified immediately. So be proactive and organise a rack inspection today to get your Safe Work Load signs. Otherwise it will only be a matter of time before you are caught.


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