Satellite Pallet Racking

Key benefits

  • Low initial investment
  • Optimal utilisation of storage space
  • Both FIFO and FILO possible

Satellite Pallet Racking

Fully maximise your warehouse storage potential with an satellite pallet racking system. In fact you can maximise storage capacity by dramatically reducing the number of aisles spaces in your warehouse. Furthermore, let the shuttle cart retrieve the pallets for you. This super high density system can be configured to store a huge amount of pallets, both in height, width and depth. Using the shuttle as the operating system to drive back and forth into the racking, you can greatly increase speed of pick and load.

Robotic Racking

This high-performance solution allows for an extremely cost-effective use of expensive warehouse space. The Satellite stacks and retrieves goods in horizontal storage tunnels. Doing so via a electrically powered load carrier. Using a remote control the forklift driver can operate many of the shuttles automatic functions. It can be set to continue stacking or retrieving pallets while the forklift driver is driving goods to and from the location. Any standard reach forklift or counterbalanced forklift can handle the shuttle. Allowing you to keep your existing forklift.

Alternative to Drive-in Racking

Optimise homogeneous products within your warehouse by using the modern storage system. The idea is to use the available area as efficiently as possible – with fewer aisles and more pallets per square metre. The racking components form inner loading lanes with support rails on each side for the pallets similar to Drive-in. The forklift moves the Auto Shuttle into position which then transports the respective pallet all the way until the end, thereby utilising the full depth of the installation.

If placed against a wall, it works according to the FILO (first in, last out) principle. However you can also be use it as a FIFO (first in, first out) system. When loading the goods from one side and offloading from the opposite side.

Applicable Industries Include

Satellite Racking is ideal for Food industry, Drinks industry, Liquids and Non spoiling goods.