Raised Storage Area

Key benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Double your floor space
  • Quick to install
  • Shelving can be easily added above or below the floor
  • Incorporate stairs, pallet gates, lifts
  • Choice of floor decking

Raised Storage Area

Warehouse Mezzanines or Raised Storage Areas allow you to gain soo much more storage capacity. Quite simply it doubles your floor space, without having to pay any more rent. It’s a pallet racking derived structure that won’t cost the world, and at the end of the day you can pack it up and move it, if need be. If you are struggling for space and need extra room, call BOS Storage now and see how a Raised Storage Area could be just what you need.

Increase Your Floor Space

Need more floor space in your warehouse? How about installing a unique Mezzanine floor in your warehouse to double your floor space and bump up capacity! The versatile nature of a pallet racking derived flooring system allows you to mix and match widths, and depths to perfectly suit your warehouse space. Add extra built in shelving for your small parts, or leave the space open to store large products. Its up to your and how your business runs!

Raised Storage Areas which are often referred to as Warehouse Mezzanines are at structure that is designed using pallet racking componentry which is a pre-engineered system. This means that you have the option of adjusting the system to suit your specific needs. Height, width, depth can all be changed and added to by adding more bays, or putting more rows in, its up to you how you want the floor configured.

Extra Warehouse Shelving

Did you think about having shelving or pigeon holes below your Raised Storage Area? This is a spacing saving way to increase your storage capabilities and therefore be able to carry more stock. Alternately you might be looking for a large open area to work in, or a mixture of both. Either way your options are vast. Same as above the floor, you may want to incorporate shelving, or just have it open.

Raised Storage Area Access

Raised Storage Areas are based on an area having an elevated platform, to access this platform you may need a pallet gate, which safely and easily allows you to transfer palletised goods up onto the floor. Additionally or alternatively you may want to access the floor with a stair case or mezzalad. If this is the case we will include the access system for you and address all the compliance issues. Such as hand rails, safety barriers, fire egress etc.

Raised Storage Engineering

These systems are pre-engineered, and demountable. So technically they are not part of the building and don’t require building approvals. This is a pallet racking structure that has the ability to store goods, its not a habitable structure or space. Even better, if you ever move warehouse or need to reconfigure your space, you are free to take the Raised Storage Area apart and install it elsewhere.

Warehouse mezzanines or pallet racking derived mezzanine storage levels are a very flexible system that is made from a pallet racking structure, uses aluminium top hat and the floor joists and then layered with tongue and groove particle board as the flooring substrate. Alternatively you can also use steel planks or steel grating as the flooring structure. Both have great performance capability, the option to use either is more aesthetic or specific requirements.