Gravity Flow Pallet Racking

Key benefits

  • Keeps stock rotating on a FIFO (First In First Out) production basis
  • Stores a huge amount palletised goods, in a compact space
  • Allows clear separation of variant product into lanes, or levels, or bays
  • Self-organising stock locations
  • Constant pick face regenerates until lane is empty
  • Reduction in forklift movement, forklift wear and tear
  • Increase in labor productivity from reduced travel time
  • Less racking damage as forklift only operates front and back
  • Gravity operated



Gravity Flow Pallet Racking

Do you need to keep stock rotation in your warehouse? Then Pallet Gravity Flow racking is for you. If you want to use the FIFO principle for palletised goods, you can store your pallets on a declined gravity fed system. Where the pallets actually move by themselves creating a FIFO system of pallet storage. Investing in a smart and functional pallet storage system is perfect for a company who’s  product is time sensitive and needs to be constantly rotated. So if you wish to keep your stock rotating, give BOS Storage systems a call to discuss how this option will work for you.

Pallet Flow Racking can be referred to as; FIFO Racking, Pallet live racking, Pallet Flow Racking, gravity fed racks or roller racks.

Reduced Forklift Operations

Reducing operations and labour is another key benefit of the pallet flow system. Because you feed into the system from the back end (your production end), and pick from the front end (despatch end). You will reduce your operational time on the forklift, as well as reduce your labour. Furthermore, since you store pallets in designated lanes, each lane can be dedicated for a different product. Giving the opportunity of picking many SKU’s of the same product, or different product from the same immediate area. Further reducing your forklift movement, and having all goods in a designated area. Making all your product ready to pick at the same time, in the same area is such an efficient way to set out your warehouse.

Constant Pallet Turn Over

Do you have product that is time sensitive and prone to spoilage?  You will find that Pallet Flow Racking is the perfect system. Using a pallet live system, stock will be constantly rotated to ensure that no pallets of stock are missed or left behind and therefore no spoilage. It’s a smart and adaptable system which will work with many industries. You can decided how ever many pallets deep you want to store, how many pallets high and how many pallet wide. Therefore building your dream storage system that suits your work flow and your production needs is simple.

Gravity Operated Racking

This system is a 100% gravity operated system, which means there is little upkeep or running costs. We supply the  roller system on a declined angle, so the pallets roll ‘back’ to ‘front’ downhill. Each lane also incorporates speed reduction mechanisms so there is reduced risk of the pallets picking up speed. We also include front pallet separators to isolate the front pallet from the remaining pallets behind it.

Applicable Industries

Food Production – Consumables – Time sensitive product – Bulk goods – Liquid Storage – Raw Materials – Rolling Production


Design Features

Store your pallets in either;

‘Full width roller system’ which is a 50mm steel roller the full width of the pallet. Spaced consecutively down the lanes every 75mm. This system allows for a bit more flexibility with pallet selections. The team at BOS Storage can also engineer it to suit push back options.

‘3 wheel track’ where each lane has 3 runs of nylon wheels, in a staggered formation. This requires you use Australian Standard pallets, but is a great option to reduce bounce.

Down each lane we incorporate ‘speed controllers’. this prevents the pallet from accelerating and reducing the possibility of damage. We base the engineering off of your pallet weight, the temperature in your warehouse and the amount of pallet locations.

You are able to adjust Pallet flow racking to suit many pallet weights. But this works best with standard Australian pallets, to reduce the amount of variation.

You can decided the layout and design of the racking system. With how many pallets deep, how many pallets wide and how many pallets high. This gives the flexibility to adjust the system based off your production and storage needs.


  • Design & Engineering
  • Levelling plates
  • Floor Fixings
  • Bracing and hardware
  • Safe Work Load Signs (to comply with Australian Standards).

Optional Extras

  • Front Pallet Separators
  • Rack protection
  • 3 Track system or Full width rollers
  • Steel or plastics rollers
  • Speed Control Mechanisms
  • Entry Guides